Escape Daily to the Himalayas with our Visual Meditations

Our "Prayer Flags of Nepal" visual meditations are each 5 to 22 minutes long and are available on a DVD or through a secure purchase for smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Enjoy one or more each day to relax and soothe away the stresses of the day.

Please take advantage of our free "Introduction" film that gives a short history of prayer flags found in Nepal and the Himalayas.

We are also proud of the many people who helped us produce this series. Have a free look at our interesting behind the scenes "Production Credits."

Our DVD is a collection of all these beautiful programs. 68 minutes ($19.95 - Free shipping)

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Preview - "Prayer Flags of Nepal" series
01:42 minutes
Introduction of Prayer Flags of Nepal
05:39 minutes
Production Credits
01:45 minutes


DVD - Prayer Flags of Nepal
68:00 minutes ($ 19.95)

Online Videos

Himalayan Spirit
08:29 minutes ($ 4.99)
Himalayan Chant
04:43 minutes ($ 1.99)
Himalayan Vision
07:01 minutes ($ 3.99)
Himalayan Art
06:25 minutes ($ 2.99)
Lumbini - Birthplace of Gautama Buddha
05:24 minutes ($ 1.99)
Seven Chakras
21:57 minutes ($ 9.98)
Along a Himalayan Trail
05:40 minutes ($ 1.99)