There are two kinds of YETIs in Nepal's high Himalayas: MIH-TEH which kill people and the DZU-TEH which only kill animals.

There are many stories about the "Abominable Snowman" living in the high Himalayas. Although these may sound like myths, we were excited to come across several eye-witness accounts: The Nepalis/Tsumbas in this photo told us that they had seen "Yetis." Based on the credibility of these accounts we have come to believe that something inexplicable does live at these snowbound altitudes at the roof of the world. And in a country so completely different from any other country in the world, who is say it is not true? It is an area where other rare creatures have been found to exist, unknown to other parts of the world. Some used to assume that the snow leopard was a mythological beast. We are often quick to dismiss the fantastic by turning to the rational and scientific. That doesn't always work in Nepal. Unexplained are 15 inch long foot prints where the creature would have had to jump 8 ft in the air and land 12 feet further along the path. Sherpas verify that Yetis jump his/her own height or more. Certainly there have been hoaxes where "Yeti scalps" were proven to be doctored mountain goat skins, but other samples of strange animal hair have not matched any DNA known in the scientific world. Trekking in the high Himalayas? Be on the lookout.

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