Trekking in Nepal

Trekking is so different from hiking. In most cases hiking is something we do during one day...starting from our car or camp site and returning to the same location. Trekking is much more difficult...and a lot of fun in Nepal. It's an arduous adventure and well worth the effort even if it takes place half way around the world from your comfort zone. There is usually a specific goal/village/campsite to reach each day and in Nepal it is most likely connected with a spectacular view or interesting village.

There are some terrific books and websites about trekking in Nepal. It is possible (with a lot of organization and a flexible schedule) to put together self-guided treks to some spectacular areas of this rugged and beautiful country. A lot of people do that. However one of life's great benefits is that in Nepal there is someone who will cheerfully carry your equipment and look after you – like speaking the local languages and figuring out how to make sense of the many possible trails to a destination.

Trekking in Nepal by foreigners is a major source of income for the local communities and for the country. We recommend connecting with an approved trekking company who can work out the many time consuming details and provide a level of cheerful services that Nepalis are known for. It is money well spent and is a world-class cultural experience. Put it on your "bucket list." We have trekked (and shot films) with the colorful men and women of Tsum Valley Homestay, Ltd. and Asia Khamsang for several years. Have a look at their websites: and

Our long time friend Steve Conlon owns ABOVE THE CLOUDS headquartered in Vermont. His treks and tours span the globe looking for those out of the way places of great beauty and joy such as Bhutan, Sikkim, India, South America and of course, Nepal. Steve lived in Nepal for many years and his tours in the Himalayas are organic food for the soul. The ABOVE THE CLOUDS website is a creation of beauty and something to behold.