Prayer Flags of Nepal

Escape Daily to the Himalayas

Many centuries ago, ethnic Tibetans came to the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal where their culture, protected by remote mountains, remained largely undisturbed. When Nepal was opened to foreign travelers in the 1950s, visitors became enchanted with these Buddhist communities and their fluttering prayer flags which had spread throughout the country.

Watching prayer flags blowing in the wind is stunning to the eye and calming to the spirit. In 2012, former Nepal Peace Corps Volunteer Ron Ranson, and his son Tim returned to Nepal to capture the spirit of prayer flags on video. They set out to share the visual impact of prayer flags with people outside Nepal so that everyone can benefit from their beauty and the simple messages of peace and compassion that they convey.

If you have travelled in Nepal you will enjoy those colorful memories of good times on the trail. If you haven't been to Nepal yet, here is a preview of what is in your future.

This artful combination of stunning cinematography and atmospheric music brings a soothing respite to our hectic lives. Take a deep breath, clear your thoughts and journey with us for a visual meditation that will revive your Himalayan spirit.

We have an introduction to prayer flags as a free smartphone/mobile application. The same intro is included as the first chapter on the DVD – PRAYER FLAGS OF NEPAL.